Leading Hospitals
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Leading Hospitals and Experts in Germany

Germany ranks among the best equipped health locations worldwide and has renowned specialists in a wide range of medical fields. On this page you will find leading hospitals in Germany for the treatments and medical services which you are interested in – as well as information about the features of these health facilities, their surroundings, travel information and much more that will help you to find the right hospital for your particular matter.

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High-quality patient care

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Hamburg is acknowledged as being one of Europe’s leading centres for medicine

The city’s 50 or so hospitals boast over 12,000 beds and more than 27,000 medical professionals dedicated to caring for your patients. The services offered by the city’s hospitals and doctors in practice encompass every conceivable medical problem – from diagnosis and treatment to therapy and rehabilitation.

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Orthopaedics in Cologne


ORTHOPARC – one of the leading European centres of excellence for orthopaedic surgery

The ORTHOPARC Clinic in Cologne is an orthopaedic private clinic in which demanding patients can expect operative and conservative orthopaedic care at the highest level. Its main focuses of treatment are hip and knee endoprosthetics, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine as well as knee, shoulder and spinal surgery.

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  • SPINE CENTRE in Baden Württemberg
    srh-kkl 217 von 300

    Specialised in the treatment of all illnesses and injuries of the spinal column using a broad spectrum of advanced technologies and surgical measures. Read more ...

  • Rapid Recovery® Programme in Germany


    The Rapid Recovery® Programme has been specially developed for patients who have undergone the insertion of an artificial hip or knee joint. Read more ...

  • Heart condition – new and promising therapy option


    Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death worldwide. Now a new and promising option is offered by left ventricular assist devices (LVAD). Read more ...

  • First-rate treatment for children

    Klinikum Stuttgart Clinic Stuttgart

    In- and outpatient treatment for children suffering from any form of cancer as well as for those with diseases of the blood or immunodeficiencies. Read more ...

  • Personalized medicine

    cancer treatment tumor biology center freiburg

    The Center for individualized oncology tailors diagnostic and therapeutic programs to the specific needs of each patient within an “all-in-one” cancer center. Read more ...

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