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Hamburg is acknowledged as being one of Europe’s leading centres for medicine. The city’s hospitals play their part in this, offering international top-class medicine and enjoying an outstanding reputation. Hamburg’s extremely lively healthcare sector, which sets standards worldwide in the research and development of medical products and services, makes an equally important contribution.

High-quality patient care

Hamburg’s 50 or so hospitals boast over 12,000 beds and more than 27,000 medical professionals dedicated to caring for your patients. The services offered by the city’s hospitals and doctors in practice encompass every conceivable medical problem – from diagnosis and treatment to therapy and rehabilitation. Patients in Hamburg can therefore rely at all times on receiving expert and highly devoted medical care in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

Treatments - information about key diagnoses for international patients

Many people are suffering from this metabolic disorder in which blood sugar levels are too high
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Heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure are the most common diseases worldwide
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Diseases and complications concerning the musculoskeletal system affect many patients
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Accidents have a dramatic impact on people’s lives with often long-lasting consequences
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Highly-specialized and individually tailored therapy can offer some hope to cancer patients
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Young patients always require the very best and entire spectrum of paediatric treatment and surgery
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Even short check-ups can help identify risk factors and allow patients to improve their lifestyles
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