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Acura Falkenburg Specialist Hospital

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Revitalising body, mind and soul

Set on an idyllic hillside with wonderful views across the German spa town of Bad Herrenalb, the ACURA Falkenburg Specialist Hospital nestles in the breathtaking scenery of the northern Black Forest. Patients at the hospital have been receiving high quality orthopaedic, cardiological and angiological care for more than ten years.

The hospital’s proximity to the Black Forest, the healthy climate, the state-of-theart spacious facilities and a professional team of doctors, nurses and therapists are the essential ingredients for successful rehabilitation and a return to full health.

Besides the elegantly furnished rooms, there is a wide range of leisure activities on off er to make the patient’s stay as pleasant as possible. Furthermore, the hospital provides its Arab patients with individual private patient care and a special service adapted to their needs. This includes, among other things, a selection of Arabic TV channels, a fridge and a kettle in the room, prayer mats and a range of international culinary delights. Accompanying persons may stay in rooms at the hospital or reside in the spacious guest apartments at the Hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA.



Orthopaedic care

Treatment of back pain and slipped discs using minimally invasive procedures under X-ray guidance


C-arm control

Chronic back pain is not only the most common physical complaint worldwide, numerous studies have also shown that conventional surgical procedures do not always provide back pain suff erers with the relief they desire. Leading-edge, minimally invasive therapeutic procedures may represent a favourable alternative when applied correctly and monitored critically.

The therapeutic treatment of pain caused by intervertebral disc protrusions and slipped discs initially involves traditional methods, which follow the WHO analgesic ladder, and physiotherapy. If deemed necessary, this treatment can be complemented with special injections under X-ray guidance. These methods more often than not facilitate the rehabilitation of the patient.

However, if these procedures do not result in satisfactory alleviation of the pain, Racz’s minimally invasive epidural catheter procedure can be a possible solution. An epidural catheter is used to inject medication directly at the intervertebral disc protrusion/prolapsed disc, after being inserted at the sacral bone (hiatus sakralis) and steered to the area of scarring under X-ray guidance (C-arm control). Furthermore, inhouse studies have shown the efficiency and safety of this method. It can also be used to effectively treat the facet joint syndrome, a problem with movement of the facet joints of the spine that results in inflammation and pain. These rehabilitation procedures at the ACURA Falkenburg Specialist Hospital are carried out under the watchful eyes of Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Veihelmann.


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Veihelmann
Medical Director and Head of the Orthopaedic und Traumatology Department

An important and integral part of the therapy treatment is pain therapy. It involves the treatment of pain in patients with degenerative diseases, functional disorders, intervertebral disc protrusions or prolapsed discs, as well as chronic pain resulting from disease or injury of the spinal column or adjacent large and small joints. Our specialist department is extremely well placed to deliver state-ofthe-art care, also for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Cardiological care:

Rehabilitation of patients with left ventricular assist devices


Left ventricular assist devices (LVAD)

Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death worldwide. In Europe alone, roughly ten million people are in need of care and therapy for a cardiac condition. An extensive range of therapy methods has also appeared in recent years due to the increasing lack of donor organs. A new and promising option is offered by left ventricular assist devices (LVAD).

This method involves implanting a pump, which assists the pumping function of the left ventricle, in patients suffering from severe cardiac insufficiency. The pump is attached by a driveline to an external wearable system that includes a small controller and batteries. The system is worn on a belt or carried in a pouch.

The post-operative treatment of this heterogeneous patient group, whose daily lives are generally ruled by the illness, demands highly individualised convalescence care following hospitalisation. The rehabilitation programme focuses on enhancing and maintaining inclusion and participation.

Dr. Waibel

Dr. med. Eberhard Waibel,Head of the Cardiology and Angiology Department

A basic, yet essential, component of our post-LVAD-implant treatment plan is close cooperation with the medical centre which carried out the surgery. To this effect, the Cardiology/Angiology Department at the ACURA Falkenburg Specialist Hospital has, since the beginning of 2014, been an exclusive partner of the German Heart Competence Centre at Tübingen University Hospital and a cooperation partner of the Freiburg University Heart Centre / Bad Krozingen.


Arrive, Enjoy, Stay

Foto 1 Hotel aussen Tag

All those who like to focus on their health and general well-being, experience the Hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA as a source of inner harmony and contentment. For people that are looking for exceptional quality – this is the right place.

The hotel’s concept is based on sustainability and certified organic quality. Moreover, holistic health and fitness play a central role: the services and activities offered range from pure relaxation and luxury, to professional preventive medical care and yoga, to fasting and TCM.

Foto 6 Meditation

Heart check-up? Anti-burnout sessions? Talking therapy? Nutritional advice? Everything is possible on the ‘hill of health’ that boasts a hotel, a hospital and a ‘selfness’ centre.

Do you wish to get active in the great outdoors? A round of golf on the 9-hole course in Bad Herrenalb is a very special experience that will test your golfing skills in the wonderful countryside of the northern Black Forest. The ‘Seven Valleys’ town is also the ideal starting point for hiking and biking through the Black Forest. And if you feel like it, you can also go paragliding, horseback riding, nordic walking, etc.

This healthy and intact environment – pure air, healthy food, unspoilt nature, curative waters – is a source of energy and vitality for body, mind and soul. The world famous Black Forest, situated in close proximity to Baden-Baden and Strasbourg, speaks for itself!

Baden-Baden Rosengarten 72dpi

Overview of the Hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA **S**:

•    88 rooms, 8 apartments incl. kitchen and washroom, 1 suite
     (also suitable for disabled guests)
•    Comfortably furnished rooms with TV, radio, minibar, safe,
     WLAN Internet access, spacious balcony or patio and large bathroom
•    Sumptuous breakfast buffet
•    Lavish beauty, wellness and spa facilities with whirlpool, sun terraces,
     Finnish wet sauna, steam bath, relaxation rooms, large swimming pool
     and modern fitness suite
•    Certified organic cuisine
•    TCM-YOGA and ‘selfness’ centre


Welcome to the ACURA Falkenburg Specialist Hospital!

Our staff will be pleased to provide you with any information you require concerning a stay in our clinic.

Phone +49 (0) 7083-926-0 
Fax +49 (0) 7202 61-6162

Falkenburgstraße 2
76332 Bad Herrenalb

Hospital features:

  • 275 modern furnished rooms
  • WLAN Internet access
  • Large swimming pool
  • Library and cafeteria
  • Bus station pick-up and
    drop-off service

Treppe mit Sonnenterrasse

Our orthopaedic department focuses firmly on the diagnosis, treatment, therapy and follow-up treatment for:

  • degenerative diseases of the support and movement systems of the body
  • further and follow-up treatment after orthopaedic surgery, intervertebral disc surgery (lumbar/cervical spine), joint preservation surgery, endoprosthetic joint replacement (hip, knee and shoulder joint)
  • chronic pain syndromes
  • further treatment after sustaining injury to the support and movement systems of the body through sport or accident
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases of the spine and joints once the acute phase has resolved for chronic polyarthritis and Morbus Bechterew
  • diseases of the extended rheumatic sphere
  • rehabilitation following the loss of a limb
  • osteoporosis
  • prosthetic use sessions and walking training for lower limb amputees

We rehabilitate patients:

  • after a heart attack with and without interventional cardiology (PTCA/stent)
  • after an aortocoronary bypass
  • after implantation of a pacemaker or ICD
  • with heart failure (ischaemic/cardiomyopathy)
  • after replacement of diseased heart valves
  • with heart arrhythmia
  • after implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD)
  • in the field of angiology after large vessel surgery (aneurysma of the aorta and the popliteal artery, aortic dissection)
  • with peripheral arterial occlusive diseases, stages II-IV, prior to and after revascularising measures (TEA, PTA, bypass)
  • after TEA and carotid artery surgery
  • after pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis
  • with primary or secondary lymphoedema

Local international airports

Stuttgart Airport - approximate distance to the clinic 1 hour

Strasbourg Airport - approximate distance to the clinic 1,5 hours

Zurich Airport - approximate distance to the clinic 3 hours