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Klinik für Tumorbiologie

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Blood , Cancer , Prevention & rehabilitation
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Oncology , Hematology , Pain & palliative care , Preventive medicine , Check-ups , Oncologic rehabilitation , CAM (complementary and alternative medicine)

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Welcome to the Klinik für Tumorbiologie

The center of excellence for cancer diagnosis and treatment in Germany

At the Klinik für Tumorbiologie (Tumor Biology Center) in Freiburg, we know that a cancer diagnosis is an incisive event for patients and their families. Cancer is much more than just a disease which needs to be treated according to the highest medical standards. It profoundly affects a human being on many levels. Since the founding of our institution over 20 years ago, we have striven to provide the best medical treatment, but also to support patients in every other aspect during their sickness.

Comprehensive and individualized cancer care

The Klinik für Tumorbiologie is an all-in-one model cancer clinic, offering medical oncology, oncologic rehabilitation and cancer research under the same roof. Through an extensive network of clinical and academic collaborations, it provides comprehensive and individualized care for all of its patients.

Besides state-of-the-art academic medicine, clinical trials and an advanced molecular screening platform, patients benefit from extensive programs in fields such as pain and palliative care, nutrition, sports medicine, physical therapy, creative therapy, complementary medicine and psycho-oncology.

Prevention is also an important focus in our clinic, which is why we offer individualized check-up programs. Furthermore, the Cancer Center has established a specialized survivorship program, catering to the needs of patients who are free of disease.

Our dedicated international office insures that patients from all over the world can benefit from the medical services of the Klinik für Tumorbiologie.

Our Center for Individualized Oncology

Modern medicine, and oncology in particular, is currently within a paradigm shift towards personalized medicine. The Center for Individualized Oncology at the Klinik für Tumorbiologie tailors diagnostic and therapeutic programs to the specific needs of each patient within an “all-in-one” cancer center. Interdisciplinary task forces develop common treatment standards based on international guidelines and clinical trials. Based on this academic background, individual treatment plans are then created specifically for each patient in interdisciplinary tumor boards.

The Klinik für Tumorbiologie is currently offering specialized consultations for most tumor entities. Highly modern treatment modalities against cancer are offered while at the same time new treatments are evaluated in clinical trials.

  • Breast cancer
  • Gynecological cancers
  • Skin and soft tissue cancers
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma
  • Lung cancer
  • Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancers
  • Prostate cancer
  • Ear, nose, throat cancers
  • Brain cancer
  • Kidney and urinary tract cancers
  • Neuroendocrine cancers

Specialized Programs

  • Second opinions
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Pain and palliative care
  • Nutrition
  • Sports medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Creative therapy
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Survivorship programs

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Many patients feel the need to actively influence their healing process through their own actions in addition to their academic medical treatment. Indeed, more than half of all cancer patients also rely on complementary and alternative medical approaches. One of the founding principles of the Klinik für Tumorbiologie is to acknowledge this need and to support patients through personalized counseling on these methods. We offer many complementary approaches such as

  • acupuncture
  • aromatherapy
  • packings
  • medicinal teas
  • naturopathic treatments
  • sport therapy
  • creative therapy
  • and many more.

Our aim is always to ensure an optimal combination of complementary approaches with standard medical treatments in order to promote the wellbeing and health of our patients.

Preventive Medicine

The earlier cancer is detected, the better are the chances of a potential cure. At the Klinik für Tumorbiologie, we offer state-of-the-art check-up programs in oncology as well as in other fields in collaboration with our network partners.

Our physicians offer

  • health and lifestyle counseling
  • nutrition and sports medicine
  • screening programs
  • personalized check-ups.



Our highly specialized team

At the Klinik für Tumorbiologie, each patient is taken care of by a team of leading oncologists. Many of our physicians are distinguished members of national and international guideline commissions as well as decision makers in their respective fields. Our nursing team is committed to providing excellent and individualized care. Both our medical and nursing teams are specialized and certified in oncology, pain and palliative care. For every member of our staff, the patient and his needs are always the main focus of attention.

Our heads of department


Prof. Dr. Dirk Arnold

Prof Dr Dirk Arnold oncology cancer treatment

Prof. Dr. Dirk Arnold is a specialist in hematology, oncology and palliative care and the Director of the Department of Oncology and Hematology. From 2010 to 2012, he was the Medical Director of the University Cancer Center Hamburg, one of the top ten German comprehensive cancer centers.

His main focus in clinical and translational cancer research is the development of modern treatment strategies for gastrointestinal cancers with the integration of novel drugs. Another focus of his work is optimizing treatment structures for patients with malignancies in large scale networks for research and cancer care. His major interest lies in the development of innovative “targeted treatment” strategies, and the implementation of those into multimodal treatment algorithms – and therefore providing maximum benefits from innovative research to his patients.

He is ranked at the German public domain rankings as “Top-Physician: Oncology” (from FOCUS), and was recently appointed amongst the “German Top Cancer experts” (from the German Cancer Society).


Prof. Dr. Hans Helge Bartsch

Prof Dr Hans Helge Bartsch oncology cancer treatment2

Prof. Dr. Hans Helge Bartsch is the Medical Director and CEO of the Klinik für Tumorbiologie. He is a specialist in hematology and oncology and a member of numerous national and international medical societies such as ASCO, ESMO, etc.
His clinical activities cover medical oncology with a special emphasis in the treatment of patients with recurrent diseases, including supportive and rehabilitative strategies. He is also the chairman of the working group for supportive care and rehabilitation in the German Cancer Society and a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals. Under his leadership, the Klinik für Tumorbiologie established several disease and problem specific cancer rehabilitation programs with international impact.


Further medical experts

Dr. Jann Arends

  • Internal medicine
  • Specialization: gastroenterology, hematology and medical oncology, palliative medicine, clinical nutrition
  • Senior Consulting physician and Head of Gastroenterology and Nutrition Service at the Klinik für Tumorbiologie, Freiburg
  • Awards 2013-2014: Dr. Arends is listed in the FOCUS magazine as one of the most experienced experts in clinical nutrition

Dr. Michael Binkert

  • Anesthesiologist, palliative medicine, pain therapist
  • Head of the Department of Palliative Care and Pain Therapy at the Klinik für Tumorbiologie, Freiburg
  • 2007 President of the interdisciplinary Palliative Medicine Center Südbaden, Germany

PD Dr. Georgia Schilling

  • Medical oncologist, palliative care specialist, biologist
  • Specialization: breast cancer, gynaecologic cancers, glioma, head and neck tumors and cancer survivorship
  • Head of the Center for Individualized Cancer Medicine at the Klinik für Tumorbiologie, Freiburg


Individual assistance for our patients

During your stay at the Klinik für Tumorbiologie we want to assist you as much as possible by taking care of all travel and lodging needs – not only for yourself, but also for your family members and caregivers.

Your stay at our clinic

We want you to feel safe and well taken care of – and because communication is essential to this, we provide you with a personal caregiver that speaks your native tongue. Whether medical or personal issues – he will assist you so that you will have access to all important information.

Premium accommodation in Freiburg

If you wish we will arrange your transportation from the airport to our clinic in Freiburg as well as for housing or hotel reservations such as the first-class Colombi Hotel*****, Hotel Stadt Freiburg**** and more. This accommodation is ideal for day trips to France and Switzerland or in the famous Black Forest.

Planning your visit at the Klinik für Tumorbiologie Freiburg

To facilitate your journey to our clinic we provide you with assistance for visa and visa extension and other necessary travel arrangements. Also part of this service is the coordination of your appointments in advance.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our International Office!



Welcome to the Klinik für Tumorbiologie!

The staff in our International Office will be pleased to provide you with any information you require concerning a stay in our clinic.

International Office
Mr. Khaled Gaoud
Klinik für Tumorbiologie (Tumor Biology Center)
Breisacher Str. 116
79106 Freiburg

Phone: + 49 (0) 761 / 206-1108
Fax: + 49 (0) 761 / 206-1118



Hospital facts and figures:

cancer treatment tumor biology center freiburg

  • All-in-one cancer center:
    • Acute care
    • Supportive care and rehabilitation
    • Clinical and basic experimental research
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 200 beds, 300 employees
  • Pain and palliative care unit
  • Clinical trial unit
  • Prevention and check-up programs


Our services:

  • International office
  • Personal contact in your mother tongue
  • Interpretation service
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Cost estimates, usually within three workdays
  • Assistance for visa and other travel arrangements
  • Arrangements for cultural and religious needs (diet, prayer room, etc.)
  • Patient rooms with visitor accommodation
  • Selection of international magazines
  • Swimming pool
  • And much more

We offer specialized consultations for:

  • Breast cancer
  • Gynecological cancers
  • Skin and soft tissue cancers
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma
  • Lung cancer
  • Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancers
  • Prostate cancer
  • Ear, nose, throat cancers
  • Brain cancer
  • Kidney and urinary tract cancers
  • Neuroendocrine cancers

Local international airports

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport - approximate distance to the clinic 45 minutes

Frankfurt Airport - approximate distance to the clinic 2 hours 30 minutes

Zurich Airport - approximate distance to the clinic 1 hour 45 minutes